The Consequences of Missing Teeth

Missing Anterior Tooth - Woman

The Consequences of Missing Teeth

There are actually several negative consequences of missing some or all of your teeth. First, missing teeth will affect the esthetics of your face. Not only will your smile be affected by the gaps from missing teeth, but if you’re missing too many teeth, the skin around your mouth won’t be supported properly and will start to sag, making your appear older than you are. Additionally, missing teeth will make it more difficult to chew your food properly and may even affect the way you speak. Finally, missing even one tooth may have emotional consequences; many people feel less confident about their smile when they are missing teeth.

If you are currently missing any of your teeth, consider replacing them with dental implants, which can look and feel just like natural teeth.  If you would like more information about dental implants and in restoring your smile, contact Dr. Kent Howell at (480) 832-1875 or

Happy National Dentist’s Day!

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Happy National Dentist’s Day!
Celebrated annually on March 6th, National Dentist’s Day was created as a day set aside to say “Thank You” to and show appreciation to your dentist and their dedication to keeping your smile bright and your teeth and mouth healthy.

Now is the perfect time to make an appointment to make sure your teeth are healthy and your habits are on the right track! You may contact our office to schedule an appointment at (480) 832-1375.

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Advanced Dental Prosthetics – Grand Opening March 3rd, 2014



Kent J. Howell, D.M.D., M.S., prosthodontist and owner of Advanced Dental Prosthetics, is proud to announce the grand opening of his Mesa dental practice on March 3rd, 2014.  The office is conveniently located at 107 N. Greenfield Road, Suite 1, Mesa, AZ 85205 (Greenfield Rd./Main St.).

All new patients will receive a complimentary consultation or second opinion for dentures or dental implants.  For more information about Advanced Dental Prosthetics, Dr. Kent Howell, services provided or to schedule an appointment, please call (480) 832-1375.