Same Day Implant Teeth (All-on-4)


Are you dentally exhausted?  Do you have broken, sensitive, or several missing teeth? Maybe you’re a long-time denture wearer who is sick of your denture or partial moving around every time you try to eat your favorite food?  Here at Advanced Dental Prosthetics, Dr. Howell is an expert at helping such folks find the quality of life and solace they are searching for.  Dental implants will change your life, and the transformation can happen in one day!

There are several different names used for implant teeth (or implant bridges) that are done in one day.  The most common name is the All-on Four procedure. All-on-Four refers to a specific surgical technique that utilizes areas of bone in the jaw differently than traditional methods to avoid expensive and painful bone grafting procedures before implants are placed.  It also allows us to be able to extract teeth, place implants, and connect the temporary bridge all in the SAME DAY.


As we age, the upper sinus cavity grows larger and the bone available for traditional straight implants decreases.  This process is further accelerated when there is loss of the upper back teeth (area depicted above the yellow line).  The bone available that used to support the teeth shrinks away and becomes quite thin (area between red and yellow lines above).

The All-on-Four surgical technique allows us to utilize the bone that is still there and completely bypass the sinus cavities as depicted in the diagram below:




There are many dentists who offer this treatment to their patients.  However, many do not have the education, experience, and skill to plan and execute this service for the best possible result for you as the patient.  As a Prosthodontist, Dr. Howell specializes in this same day service and is an expert in this treatment.  He works side by side with other specialists that are very experienced in this technique, and as a team we can provide you with the best possible experience available!  If you are tired of floppy dentures and want to eat whatever you want whenever you want, this procedure will allow you to do just that!

Please take a minute to view some happy patients who are enjoying their new smile with this technique:






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