Choosing Between Dentures or Dental Implants

When you look in the mirror are you happy with the smile that you see? Do you feel self conscious about showing your teeth when you are out in public? According to a recent AAP survey, over 50% of people consider a person’s smile to be their most important facial feature, yet over 80% of people aren’t happy with their own teeth. If you’re part of this 80%, it is time to do something about your smile and change your life.

Those with missing teeth or widespread dental issues will want to consider teeth replacement options, mainly dentures and dental implants (Here’s a great video on how these dental implant procedures work). But, how do you choose between these two procedures? The infographic below will give you all of the information that you need to know about these two different teeth replacement options, including all of the positive points and things that you will need to consider. If you are interested in either procedures, or simply have a question/comment, feel free to leave a comment below or contact us at (480) 832-1375.


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